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Who is Investors Network Community (INC)?

INC is designed for real estate investors who are committed to becoming more productive and achieving personal and financial success through a Mastermind Community.  INC also hosts meetings on issues of equity in housing, and other real estate related topics.

INC believes:
 - the people you associate with determine your destiny
 - the self-examination, practices, and systems you put into place assures you fulfill that destiny
 - investing with integrity, and creating win-win situations for both buyers and sellers are core to personal
   success and the well-being of our communities, nation and world.  To find out more about INC's background,
   it's Director and group purpose, click on "About INC" at the top of the page.

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INC Mastermind Groups

Rather than large meetings where the people change from month to month, these meetings will have the same 5-7 members who:

  • build trusting, collaborative and productive relationships
  • brainstorm ideas
  • provide a community of support for your goals and plans
  • provide resources and connections
  • serve as a vital accountability mechanism to assure your financial and life success

But it won't cost anything near what the guru's pay ($10,000 - $40,000/annually).  This is affordable to everyone.  We will use the same formats and techniques used in the higher priced groups, but at a fraction of the price.

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Why Masterminds are a time-honored and effective approach

Collegial problem-solving

encourages higher-level thinking and builds strong & productive relationships.

Interactive brainstorming

activates our prior knowledge, causing one person's idea to trigger former knowledge.

Small group focus

improves the quality of decisions.

Discussing specific goals and questions

involving reflection and exploration, results in 90% retention of materials.

Masterminds and more:  INC's offerings

Mastermind Team of 5-7 Members

Schedule a call to see if INC's  Real Estate Investors   Mastermind Program is a good fit for you.  You will be hand held as you develop an investment plan that works for you.   Identify and reach your goals through the an intentional, small and supportive group of investor colleagues.

Your mastermind group will meet online, in the comfort of your own space.   

Webinars  & Summits

Free informational webinars  and Summits with experienced investors and content area experts. 

Ongoing Educational Forums through Meetup
Participate or just listen in to free thought-provoking online meetings.:


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