Is Visualizing a Bogus Practice? Check the Science

Science supports visioning as important for investment and personal success.

We’ve heard it a million times whether from our athletic coaches or through watching “The Secret.”  What we focus on, expands.  But is it true?

In real estate investing and all of life, it's a challenge not to compare ourselves with others and wonder, why that investor gets deals done and I don't?  Why does their life expand, but not mine?

The answer is that successful investors and entrepreneurs who take the time to create a clear vision are able to bring that into focus and achieve their goals much faster.

1.  Your Brain Doesn't Know the Difference

Creating  a visual representation of how you want your life to look (including how you want it to change) is a powerful tool based in sound research. Research shows that brain patterns activated when going through an activity (and completing a goal) are the same as those activated by visualizing the activity and goal.

Your brain doesn’t actually know the difference between picturing the accomplishment and taking the actual steps to get there. 

    2. Athletes, Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists Visualize to Win

    If you want to see a beautiful example of visualization, watch The Queen’s Gambit, the story of a young chess player who uses her visualization skills to win tournaments.

    The practice has been used for decades with Olympic and other leading athletes to improve performance and accomplish goals.  Tiger Woods and other famous golfers not only have repetitive routines or wear their lucky charm to remind them of their vision, but use visualization to increase their belief in their capacity to win.  AND it's been used by successful real estate investors, entrepreneurs and philanthropists for just as long.

    3. Visualizing Reprograms the Nervous System to Attain Goals

    Using mental imagery helps to program the nervous system, and impacts attention, memory, motivation, confidence, and self-mastery – all extremely important factors in achieving what you want in life.  

    Visualizing helps you in creating fulfilling personal relationships, reaching your health goals, and acquiring the wealth you desire through your real estate investments so you can retire early or make a difference through important causes.  

    4. Visualizing Changes Brain Patterns in Order to Meet Challenges

    Focusing on the way you want to feel at the subconscious level and how you want your life to look, will bring that visualization to life.

    Brain research informs us that brain patterns are also affected when you vision yourself conquering any type of challenge in your life.   Holding fast to a vision helps us in working through trials caused by a serious physical injury, grief or other personal challenges. 

    The key is to shift your tendency to focus on the negative patterns of your life to what you do want using positive terms. Most of us visualize all the time, but rarely think about what we're doing.  Every time you worry about the future and start to picture what bad things might come about, you are visualizing, but about the wrong things. 

    When you instead focus on positive outcomes for your future, you reduce anxiety and are able to better focus on desirable results. For example, if you want be financially sound, it's better to focus on the concept of an overflowing bank account than to focus on "getting out of debt." When you see the word, "debt," it's easy to focus on the debt instead of plentiful wealth.

    5. Begin with Just One Thing

    What better way to end the last quarter of a year then to imagine what you will accomplish be December 31?  It doesn’t even have to be major.  But it IS a perfect opportunity to get in the practice through taking smaller steps now that will establish a practice that leads to bigger accomplishments down the road.  

    Just imagine what will happen once the habit is formed.  Think about your own daily routines.  Can you add a little something (lucky charm?) that reminds you to keep your vision in front of you?  How will life look today and in the future when you take regular steps to prepare for each success? 

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