Setting 2023 Goals - 6 key steps to get them accomplished

In this blog, I discuss why it's so important to use SMART goals and what steps to take to ensure they're implemented.

Setting 2023 Goals - 

It's sometimes tempting to look around at others who you consider to be successful and and try to model your goals after theirs.  But setting goals that are dialed in with your life's journey is vital to your success.  

How do you know if you're setting them too high, or not challenging yourself enough?  SMART goals can provide a compass to help you find your direction.  The foundation of a vision and goals can feed an action plan that sets you on a winning course.

Why SMART Goals?  Because They Work!

They've been around forever, but they've stood the test of time... Using SMART goals assures there is little ambiguity about what is to be accomplished. They have huge benefits over more vague goals by keeping you focused.  They also help guide your action plan, making it easier to prioritize and revisit your goals so that you have on-going management of your plan.

SMART is an acronym that stands for:

S: Specific (clear statement that is not too broad in scope)

M: Measurable (has a way to evaluate accomplishment of goal) 

A: Attainable or Achievable (within the scope of what is possible)

R: Relevant (clearly connects to your vision and mission)

T: Time-bound (provides a date or time frame by which it will get done).  Goals may be targeted for completion in a month, in a quarter or in a year.  Many people find it useful to have a big annual goal that can be broken into quarterly goals.  

6 Important Steps to Take to Accomplish Your Goals

Setting goals requires a number of things up front before you start to develop them.  They also require steps after they are written to make sure you follow through.

1. Prioritize by knowing your why:  In which areas of your life do you most want to begin and why?  Your "why" is truly your foundation.  If you haven't asked yourself why reaching a certain financial goal, or attaining a certain number of properties is important to you, it's hard to write clear goals.  Begin with a vision (both a statement and visual representation are important). For more about visioning, check out my blog:

2. Involve Others:  Ask yourself  if there are others who need to be involved in discussing and identifying each goal.  Even if you don't feel they need to be considered in writing a particular goal, it is helpful to talk with significant people in your life - family, friends or colleagues to get their perspective about how they would chart your pie.

3. Review Your Vision:  Continue prioritizing by considering the underlying reasons you have to accomplish that particular goal.  Revisit your vision statement and ask yourself if the area you are working on makes sense (this is the "R" part of the SMART goals - asking yourself if the goal is relevant to your vision).

4. Plan for Revisions: Plan now for how, and when you will manage and revisit your goals after you've initially developed them.  It’s important to incorporate ongoing systems and checkpoints to not only follow through on the goals and plans you’ve created, but to periodically do a check-in to determine if your goals need to be tweaked.  You may be so clear that you are happy for the rest of the year.  However, few of us get it perfect right out of the gate.  The reality is that you typically refine these when you ask yourself, am I clear about why I want this goal, and how will I get there?  

5. Create an Action Plan to Carry Out Your Goals

As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said, "A goal without a plan is just a wish."

Sometimes we take the initiative to set goals and even write them down (a key to achieving them).  However, we don't take the crucial steps to drive them home.  An action plan doesn't need to be overly complicated, but it needs to "be!"  Simply figure out the strategies you'll use to accomplish your goal, then the specific actions to add to your calendar to keep your action plan living and real.

If you see you’re not reaching your goals, don't abandon them.  Revise! A plan is only as good as its reassessment and your goals are only as good as their relevance. 

6. How will you remain accountable?

FINALLY, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY...We can write goals and action plans 'til the cows come home, but if they go on a shelf, they have no worth.  In the process of creating your plan, ask yourself how you will stay on track.  Few people can fully implement their goals without the key ingredient of being accountable to at least one other person.  A small group to mastermind ideas and share resources is even better. The power of promising others that we will take specific actions to accomplish our goals is immeasurable!

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