Networking and Masterminds: The Keys to Real Estate Success

To grow like the pros, network and join a mastermind group.

Network, network, and make sure to include a Mastermind...

Let's not kid ourselves, successful real estate investors have worked their tails off to be in that place you can imagine yourself - handling profitable transactions between ski runs, on a sailboat, while lounging in a chair in your favorite beach location, or wherever your vision takes you to soak in life and get in some chill time.  If you gathered them all in one room to ask about their most important tips that keeps them on track to grow their businesses and get to that beach, prosperous investors would agree on two things that are crucial for their success:  networking, and being part of a mastermind group.  The shared features are relationship-building and community.  They are both necessary elements in a package that supports your success.

Besides building relationships, attending networking groups leads to potential partnerships, finding the important team members you need for your investment strategies, and learning from speakers and trainings.  We have some stellar groups in Colorado.  Fortunately, most are available online to people nationwide (and even worldwide).

Why join a Mastermind?

A Real Estate Investors Mastermind group pushes you to actually do something with those contacts and investment education the networking groups provide. 

It provides your own reliable community of support to help get you unstuck.  For instance, when the house across from my rental blew up and imploded my house, my group helped me objectively think through next steps to come up with a clear plan.  SO glad they did since that rental has increased ten-fold in value.  Besides walking through challenges, belonging to a committed group of colleagues helps you grow your investments, make well-informed decisions, stay on track with your goals, and stop spinning your wheels.  

Imagine how it will feel when you're that investor on the beach or the ocean, in the mountains, spending time with the people you love, doing what you most love to do.  That's what a mastermind group can do for your career and your dreams when you combine what you learn from networking with developing a clear action plan and belonging to a small, consistent group of mastermind colleagues who won't let you fail. 

What exactly is a Mastermind Group?

Think meeting for coffee with a small group of colleagues to share ideas about your real estate investments.  But with an important added twist - you meet on a consistent basis with the same group using a structured agenda that is facilitated by a leader.  In every meeting, you will have 15-20 minutes dedicated to you.  You will discuss the goals and plan you've created to reach them, get fresh ideas, perspectives and resources for your business, and have space to process your thoughts with a group that has your back.  Most importantly, your group provides a mechanism of accountability so that you keep your eye on the prize. A facilitator keeps things focused.  That way, discussions that can otherwise get off track remain productive.

Some folks form their own groups because they're concerned about the costs associated with a professional group which can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands per year.  Free groups can work, but to be truly productive it's important to have a facilitator responsible for organizing, managing, and facilitating the group.  Getting together for coffee with your buds is great, but you want your group to be more than just a bunch of friends and colleagues hanging out to share the latest crazy flip stories.  Get into a formal group because you want to get specific, make a clear plan, then have your meetings be well-run to help you grow faster.

How to find the Mastermind for you 

Whether you join an INC Mastermind or another Mastermind group, take a look at my Free Guide for the key features to look for when you're choosing a group to join:

Why I chose to take it to the next level

I began Investors Network Community (INC) as a real estate investors networking group that met monthly for nearly ten years - and I loved it and enjoyed working with my buddy Jim Edenfield.

Over time, I became frustrated with watching people come and go and wondered what the heck happened to them.  I was curious about whether they had achieved financial and personal success through their investments or became discouraged and gave up.  Plus, I watched myself spinning my own wheels for a long time because I didn't always feel confident that I was making the right moves.  

After joining my own mastermind group that propelled my investment plan and business, I understood that if I wanted to grow to the next level, I needed to continue to network and learn new information.  AND I needed to put that effort into action through a supportive, dedicated accountability group.  Wow, did they ever have my back and keep me accountable.  We also developed a bond that I'll carry with me throughout life.

I changed INC's model to one that focuses on providing facilitated mastermind groups.  I've been honored to work with amazing members in the Investors Network Community Mastermind.  Our current masterminds are booked, but I will be providing information soon about our next INC Mastermind Group beginning in June.

In my experience, both networking/education groups and masterminds are absolutely necessary if you are committed to attaining the freedom that a good R.E. investment plan can bring to your life.  Take advantage of the great networking groups accessible locally and through zoom and other online gatherings.  At the same time, find yourself a mastermind group and get growing!

Some of Colorado's top networking and education groups

The following list (in alphabetical order) are some of the top networking and education groups in Colorado.  Feel free to share other groups not included here.

ICOR is the Colorado State Chapter of the national Real Estate Investors Association (REIA).  If you are not in Colorado, look for your State's REIA chapter and local networking groups through Meetup and other social marketing sites.     

  1. Adam Adams Real Estate Lunch Club:
  2. Apartment/Commercial Investors Luncheon of Metro Denver:
  3. BadAss Real Estate Investors
  4. Boulder Investor Group
  5. Association of Assisted Living Residences
  6. Denver Apartment Network (DAN)
  7. Denver Real Estate Investor (DIRE)https://www.denverinvestmentre...
  8. Front Range Investors Group
  9. Invest Success
  10. Investment Community of the Rockies (ICOR): 
  11. Investors Realty Resource of Colorado (IRROC):
  12. Pine Financial:
  13. Realty Investors Group (RIG)https://realtyinvestorsgroup.o...
  14. Women Investment Group:  https://thewomeninvestmentgrou...
  15. Your Castle Real Estate:

There's no time like the present

To get to the next level takes more than desire.  It takes action.  There's no better way to kick things into gear than to attend networking groups and to join a mastermind community that has your back.  Both will help you step up while you're planning your next get-away.  I'll meet you on the trail or the beach!

Remember to check out this free guide as you are deciding on your Mastermind group:

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